Cybersecurity Steps for Manufacturers

By Michael Shabaka, Ph.D., Manex Consulting and Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Below are five basic cyber security steps as developed by Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) for manufacturers that can go a long ways in thwarting or reducing cyber attacks from hackers. 1. Identify Identify and control who has access to your business information. Conduct background checks.[…]


Managing Accounting Close

5 Features of an Effective and Efficient Accounting Close By Kevin Shives, Sensiba San Filippo LLP The Accounting Close process is a time-critical activity with an often unforgiving deadline.  It requires the synchronization of people, processes and systems to produce the results necessary to satisfy the needs of management and other stakeholders. No matter the size[…]

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Leveraging Technology & Data to Achieve Success

East Bay Manufacturing Group (EBMG) hosted “Leveraging Technology & Data to Achieve Success” on Thursday, June 1 at Sensiba San Filippo LLP in Pleasanton. Guest speakers with extensive experience on the topic led the conversation. David Ginsberg is the vice president of supply chain management for Sonic Manufacturing Technologies and has a Master of Business[…]


Have You Estimated Your Product Recall Expenses and Secured the Right Coverage?

By Mark Davidson, Heffernan Insurance Brokers Recalls arising from product contamination seem to be in the news almost daily. Just this week BAR-S recalled more than 350,000 pounds of hot dogs and ConAgra expanded its P.F. Chang’s brand chicken and beef recall to almost 200,000 pounds. Chipotle continues its cycle of missteps. These events have[…]


Are Personal Guarantees Necessary in Lending?

By Stephen Tessler, California Bank of Commerce Are personal guarantees necessary? As a commercial banker, I am frequently asked about the need for personal guarantees as it relates to business lending. Often, the discussion that ensues focuses on three themes: financial strength of the underlying business, concern about putting personal assets at risk and trust.[…]


Can I Qualify for Greater Manufacturing Tax Deductions?

By Donna Holm, Sensiba San Filippo LLP Reducing taxes is always a topic of interest among U.S. businesses. If you’re a manufacturing company, make sure you take advantage of the Internal Revenue Code Section 199 Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD.) DPAD’s generous tax deductions make it an appealing option for American manufacturers looking to maximize[…]


Taking a Closer Look: FDA Proposed Label Requirement Changes

By Gene Russell, Manex The FDA is proposing to make several changes to label requirements. The information below is from and details the proposed changes of which all manufacturing companies should be aware. The FDA proposes making the following changes to food label rules: Changes to the daily values Nutrients of public health significance[…]


Power Up: Digging Into Renewable Sources of Energy

By Stephen Tessler, California Bank of Commerce It is no surprise to manufacturers that renewable energy is a “hot” topic of conversation. Today, and as a result of restructuring the utility industry in California, there are many sources of renewable power beyond the local regulated utility. Furthermore, organizations are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their[…]

Insurance Policies: Spot the Difference

By Pete Picetti, Heffernan Insurance Brokers Recently, a friend asked me if his Product Liability Policy covers product recall claims. The answer is…maybe – depending on if the General Liability Policy has a Product Recall Endorsement. Upon reviewing his policy, I saw that he did have some Product Recall Coverage under his General Liability Policy;[…]