March 19, 2014

About EBMG

EBMG’s vision is to provide a forum for executives of leading East Bay manufacturing companies to:
•    share industry specific thought leadership, innovation, and best practices
•    build strategic alliances and affiliations
•    enhance and impact regional economic development and the business environment

Here is what people are saying about EBMG:

“Thank you for putting together such a great event. [The Rising Cost of Raw Materials – January 31, 2012] It was easily the most engaging and informative panel I’ve had the pleasure of participating in. I appreciate the opportunity.”

— Karen Trilevsky, Founder/CEO, FullBloom Baking Company

“EBMG has been a tremendous help to my start-up business.  They host informative and relevant programs tailored to issues facing manufacturers, large and small.  Their high-caliber speakers and professional attendees bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, making the events a forum for idea sharing and turning those ideas into practices. It is also a great opportunity to network with fellow East Bay manufacturers.  I work full-time in addition to running my company, and I still have never missed an EBMG event!”

Molly Zahner, Founder/CEO, Slow Girl Foods